Body KX85

85/150cc adult specification


- Originally designed a spring that gives the most suitable suspension effect when
going off-road on a mini motocross.
- The optimum spring rate is set for each model with a weight of 65 kg as a guide.
- Achieves stress-free and comfortable sports riding by improving stability and
reducing the feeling of bottoming out on motocross courses.

Bike Front
Year Part# Spring rate Comparison with The Stock
CR80R/85R 96-04 D35-01-808 3.3N/mm 11-29%
05-07 D35-01-818 4.1N/mm 48%
CR80RⅡ/85RⅡ 96-07 D35-01-808 3.3N/mm 12-20%
CRF150R 07-22 D35-01-818 4.1N/mm 23%
CRF150RⅡ 07-22 D35-01-818 4.1N/mm 16%
YZ80/85 97-23 D35-01-838 3.5N/mm 25%
YZ80LW/85LW 97-23 D35-01-838 3.5N/mm 21%
KX80/85 01-22 D35-01-838 3.5N/mm 23%
KX80Ⅱ/85Ⅱ 98-22 D35-01-838 3.5N/mm 23%
KX100 95-21 D35-01-838 3.5N/mm 23%
KX112 22-23 D35-01-838 3.5N/mm 23%
RM80/85 05-17 D35-01-808 3.3N/mm 20%
RM80L/85L 05-17 D35-01-808 3.3N/mm 20%
[Caution] Assemble the front with the marking on the bottom.