Body KX85



- Kit to lift up or lowdown the bike.
- Allows to optimal bike position for a rider by changing seat height,
link ratio, caster angle.
- The lowdown type : The amount of descent is designed to maximize the
performance without losing the off road function.
- The high lift type : Allows improved nimble steering and better traction as
the wheelbase be comes shorter with a steep caster.
- Easy installation with two bolts.
- Black color.
[ Important note ]
As the link ratio changes, the lowdown type makes the suspension softer, and the high lift type becomes harder. Please re-adjust the front and rear suspension as necessary.
Depending on the setting, modification may be required on the side stand in some case.

Bike Year Higt Lift Lowdown
Part # Table: up and down amount Part # Table: up and down amount
CRM250R 89-90 D46-01-201 -30mm D46-01-501 +20mm
CRM250R/AR 91-98 D46-01-202 -27mm D46-01-502 +20mm
DT200WR 91-94 D46-01-236 -30mm D46-01-536 +20mm
DT230LANZA 97-98 D46-01-237 -20mm D46-01-537 +20mm
SEROW250 05-20 D46-01-234 -31mm D46-01-543 +26mm
XT250X 06-17 D46-01-234 -31mm D46-01-543 +26mm
TRICKER 04-18 D46-01-234 -30mm D46-01-543 +31mm
TENERE700 21-22 D46-01-238 -40mm - -
KX65 00-23 D46-01-224 -30mm - -
D46-01-225 -50mm - -
KDX125SR 90-99 D46-01-211 -25mm - -
KDX200SR 89-93 D46-01-211 -30mm D46-01-512 +20mm
KDX220SR 94-99 D46-01-213 -30mm - -
KDX250SR 91-94 D46-01-214 -30mm - -
KLX250/SR/ES 93-07 D46-01-210 -33mm D46-01-510 +10mm
KLX250 08-16 D46-01-210 -23mm D46-01-510 +21mm
D-TRACKER 98-07 D46-01-210 -33mm D46-01-510 +10mm
D-TRACKER X 08-16 D46-01-210 -23mm D46-01-510 +21mm
SUPER SHERPA 97-08 D46-01-216 -25mm D46-01-516 +25mm
VERSYS-X250 17-19 D46-01-221 -25mm - -
VERSYS-X300 17-19 D46-01-221 -25mm - -
Measuring rear axle vertical with no  Load.