Body Stainless Brake Pin Set

Stainless Brake Pin Set


- Features an 8 mm hex head, allowing quick and easy brake pad changes. ( Excluding D58-33-241 )
- Made of SUS304 stainless steel that resists corrosion, heat and galling.
- Comes in a set for each specific configuration.
- Replacement pins are available.


Set Part number Front Rear
D58-33-202 37mm A-TYPE 39mm C-TYPE
1pcs 1pcs
D58-33-072 D58-33-093
D58-33-221 37mm B-TYPE 52mm A-TYPE
1pcs 1pcs
D58-33-082 D58-33-074
D58-33-201 37mm A-TYPE 52mm A-TYPE
1pcs 1pcs
D58-33-072 D58-33-074
D58-33-231 - 52mm A-TYPE
D58-33-232 31mm C-TYPE 52mm A-TYPE
1pcs 1pcs
D58-33-091 D58-33-074
D58-33-241 56mm Front 61mm Rear
1pcs 1pcs
D58-33-096 D58-33-097
Brake Pin Clips Set  1pcs D58-33-095
D58-33-242 55mm 55mm
1pcs 1pcs
D58-33-098 D58-33-098
Brake Pin Clips Set  1pcs D58-33-099
Image Brake Pin Clips Set Part number Front Pin Rear Pin
d58_33_095.jpg D58-33-095 brembo type 2pcs 2pcs
d58_33_099.jpg D58-33-099 Magra type 1pcs 1pcs