- JMCA (JAPAN MOTORCYCLE ACCESSORIES ASSOCIATION ) approved low noise and emmision gas silencer, and provides high power and torque.
- Best silencer for street or trail.
- Light weight construction, but quiet and provides more horsepower and torque.

Mid pipe is made of stainless steel.
Silencer body is light weight aluminum.
Exhaust center of gravity is positioned for motorcycle control performance.
Best silencer for street or trail.
Designed for street, enduro, super motard use.
Sound output : 92dbUse with stock or DELTA head pipeGasket not included.
Use stock gasket.

XR50MOTARD #Full exhaust system. 05-07 DL30-5102
XR230 08-12 DL30-7106
CROSS CUB110 18-22 DL30-5108
MONKEY125 19-21 DL30-5105
CT125 20-22 DL30-5107
TRAIL125 21-22 DL30-5107
CRF250L/M 17-20 DL30-7112
21-22 DL30-7113
CRF250RALLY 17-20 DL30-7112
CRF250RALLY (MD47) 21-23 DL30-7113
CRF300L 21-23 DL30-7113
CRF300L RALLY 21-23 DL30-7113
TRICKER 08-17 DL30-7206
SEROW250 08-17 DL30-7207
18-20 DL30-7208
XT250X 08-17 DL30-7207
KLX125 10-16 DL30-7411
D-TRACKER125 10-16 DL30-7412
KLX230 20-22 DL30-7401
KLX230S 22 DL30-7401
KLX230SM 23 DL30-7401
KLX250 08-16 DL30-7405
D-TRACKER X 08-16 DL30-7406
  • FIM approved aluminum die-cast end cap.
  • Hairline finish aluminum light weight silencer body. Uses the best inside restrictor specific for each model.
    This provides a smooth exhaust gas circulation and increases horse power.
  • Silencer body and mid pipe are clamped in place by springs.
  • Multi-stage expanding mid pipe design provides more torque at the middle and bottom ranges.