Neo Fit Shirt

- Inner shirt especially designed to use for MX and motorsports riding. Tight fit design with stretch material to support your body action during your ride. The stretch material provides good wear comfort. Neo Fit Shirt prevents skin scratches when wearing chest protector on the inside of the jersey.



- Long sleeve inner shirt made of THERMOLITE for warmth, moisture absorption and quick drying in cold weather condition.
- Keeps your body warm by removing moisture during your ride.
- Breathable raised fabric back side keeps your body warm and dry.
- Light weight padded elbows, the best inner shirt to use in cold weather riding.

Part number Size Color material
DG1202∼0013 S Black Polyester
DG1202∼0014 M
DG1202∼0015 L
DG1202∼0016 XL
Thermo Lite

INVISTA's THERMOLITE® fabric and insulation provides warmth and comfort without weight, even when wet. Because it is comfortable and lightweight, THERMOLITE® fabric and insulation allows freedom of movement—making it the perfect layer. Its hollow-core fibers trap in air for greater insulation for light, yet heavy-duty performance.
Did you know that THERMOLITE® fabric and insulation dries 20 percent faster than other insulating fabrics and 50 percent faster than cotton? In a coat made with THERMOLITE® fabric and insulation, you will stay warm and dry. Its larger surface area allows for fast evaporation by sending moisture away from the skin to the surface of the fabric, where it quickly evaporates.

Size Chart

Height 155-165 165-175 170-180 175-185 155-165 165-175 170-180 175-185
Chest 82-87 87-92 92-97 97-102 88-93 93-98 98-103 103-108
Waist 68-73 73-78 78-83 83-88 74-79 79-84 84-89 89-94