Wheel/Drive Rim Lock D43-21-025 2.50inch
Rim Lock D43-21-021 2.15inch Rim Lock D43-21-018 1.85inch Rim Lock D43-21-016 1.60inch Rim Lock D43-21-014 1.40inch

Rim Lock


- Die-cast aluminum body with molded rubber flap to protect against abrasion of inner tube.
- Recommended for use on all off road machines or any use that requres low tire pressures.
- Bolt is made of SUS304 stainless steel to prevent corrosion.
- Available in 5 different sizes.

Size Part #
1.40inch D43-21-014
1.60inch D43-21-016
18.5inch D43-21-018
2.15inch D43-21-021
2.50inch D43-21-025