erectrical D45-18-516 smoke Lens

MOTO LED EDGE2 Tail Light Holder for KLX230


- A set of Edge Tail Lights and tail light stays designed for the KLX230.
- Its slim and stylish design fits under the rear fender, also provides centralization of mass.
- Also, the long fenders are eliminated, improving the maintainability of the rear wheel.
- Coupler-on design is easy to install and does not require wiring because it is specific-model design.
- Compatible with stock turn signals. Also, by using the separately sold "DRC MOTOLED Flasher Holder Plate" allows an after market product flasher (8 mm hole) to install .
- Black coating treatment is applied to steel materials with high durability and rigidity.

Type Part # Lens Color Image
KLX230 20-23/KLX230S 22 D45-18-716 Red
D45-18-516 Smoke